Ca1um Stamper

Calum Stamper is an artist from North Yorkshire whose work explores the nature and relationships of modern culture behaviours in present-day society. The photographic genre of street and documentary photography are keen interests and a preferred area of exploration in Stamper’s ongoing practice. In the past, Stamper was a sports photographer for the Hartlepool Rugby Club and has published many of his imagery through the club itself. However, his exploration into the digital space of the internet and social media has changed Stamper’s style to a contemporary representation that is a reflection of this artist’s perspective on discussed issues in the art industries and media. Stamper is an alumnus of the University of Sunderland and Northern School of Art, who was shortlisted Ezio Student Awards in 2017/ 2019 and has exhibited work internationally and in the UK, these include:

The Auxiliary

Dovetail Joints Virtual Gallery

Wet Production

Format Festival,

Northern Glass Centre,

Kaunas Photo Festival

Pineapple Black

The Northern School of Art

Wintertide Festival

The House of Blah Blah

Simultan Festival


  • 2021: Davinci Resolve 16: Certified End User, BlackMagicDesign

  • 2018-2019: University of Sunderland, MA Photography, Merit

  • 2015-2018: The Northern School of Art, BA (Hons) Photography, 2:1

  • 2018: Phase One Certified Professional Course, The Northern School of Art, Hartlepool

  • 2018:Adobe Associate Certification Course, The Northern School of Art, Hartlepool


  • 2021: Digital Rights Are Civil Rights: Race and Techonology, Institute for Aesthetic Advocacy, Minneapolis, USA

  • 2020: Unseen, Simultan Festival XV, Simultan Festival, Comenduirea Garnizoanei, Timisoara, Romania

  • 2020: Live, Wet Production/Dovetail Joints/ The Auxiliary, Dovetail Joints Virtual Gallery

  • 2020: The Watchtower, Dovetail Joints, Dovetail Joints Virtual Gallery

  • 2020: Mass Isolation, FormatFestival, Instagram

  • 2020: Feature artist 3, Wet Production, Instagram

  • 2019: MA Photography Degree Show, Northern Glass Centre, Sunderland

  • 2019: Outdoor Exhibition, Kaunas Photo Festival, Chechnya Square, P. Lukšio St., Lithuania

  • 2019: Warehouse party #002 Open Call, The Auxiliary, Middlesbrough

  • 2019: Pick’N’Mix, Pineapple Black, Middlesbrough

  • 2018: Northern View, The Northern School of Art, Hartlepool

  • 2018: Pop-Up Exhibition, The Northern School of Art, Hartlepool

  • 2017: Projected Exhibition, Wintertide Festival, Bloom in Art, Hartlepool

  • 2015: Bubble Wrap, The House of Blah Blah, Middlesbrough


Future, Page 30-37,Polemical Zine

  • 2021:, Issue 15 Memory Vol 1, Page 110/111, Polemical Zine.

  • 2020:, E.V.A Magazine

  • 2019: , University of Sunderland

  • 2019: Through the Looking Glass, Self-Publication

  • 2018: Hartlepool Rugby Club One Hundred- and Twenty-Five-Years Young. Forever the Old Boys. 1893-2018, Published by Hartlepool Rugby Club, (Photos)

  • 2016-2018: Various publications through Hartlepool Rugby Club, (website/program booklet/posters/social media posts) (Photos)

  • 2017: Win, Win Situation at Hartlepool, Page 11, Touch Line, May 10, Issue 201. (Photo)


  • 2019: Ezio Student Awards shortlisted

  • 2017: Ezio Student Awards shortlisted


  • 2020-present: Teaching Assistant, Mowbray School

  • 2019: Speaker at Photography and Lived Experience Symposium, University of Huddersfield, Huddersfield

  • 2015-2018: Volunteer/Official Photographer, Hartlepool Rugby Club, Hartlepool